Falling men everywhere….some are just more strange than others.

The “Falling Man” who tethers a bungee jumping cord around himself and dresses up in a three piece suit, emulating lawyers, business-men, or just about anything, in reality, representing middle-class white collar workers, is a stark and forceful reminder of 9/11 to those that wish to forget this pain.  This is pulled off by dressing as the very people who became a part of the macabre rain that flooded the streets that one fateful day.   Throughout the novel, the Falling Man does this.

There are other “Falling Men” that really exist.  I present to you another falling man who is in bright contrast to  pseudo business man of Don Delillo’s novel: Vermin Supreme.  Vermin Supreme is a candidate for President.  He makes waves in a whole different fashion.

He does not recreate scenes from 9/11, instead he brings to light a common sense revelation about our current times of trouble.  You don’t need to take this man seriously, but listen to his message.  Is this art?

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I am a teacher, which means I am constantly learning. While my wife has taught me many things, I find that my students force me to learn new, and hard, lessons daily that help forge a better 'me'. Once I wore the last name of 'Barone', the family that adopted me, and I tried to bring pride to this name, but I was doing this for all of the wrong reasons. I was yearning to be someone I was not born to be, nor allowed to be, hence, I went back to the name that is my blood-right, O'Ceallaigh. Ceallaigh is what you will see though. Shakespeare penned the thought, "what is in a name?" I say, "identity". The one thing that I have found out is that today's society is all about an identity crisis. We are all trying to be individuals so much that individuality has become mainstream. I have found the way out of that. I stopped caring about the novelty of identity, and now I feel that my name is more than a moniker, it is an ideal. One can still say that I am still working under the philosophy of identity, but I will hasten to add that a third dimensional being can never truly illustrate the fullness of existence to a second dimensional being. When I am not teaching, I am a husband, and a father of five lovely children, Alex (20), Lilith (14), Jade (12), Lucas (4) and Ameaus (just born). In my free time I love to read, play online strategy games, practice Kempo, or spar with my friends in the various medieval fighting groups that exist all over the globe. Once in a while I like to shoot zombies, but they are a rather relentless bunch, so I tend to stay away from them if I can.

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