Identity and Memory

Identity seems to be central to the plot of Falling Man. From Keith correcting the spelling of his name to Lianne needing to read the names of all of the victims of the tragedy, the characters need to remind themselves of who they are as well as learn who everyone else is.

I’m really interested in the use of the Alzheimers patients and what their various purposes are. One of the things I’ve started to wonder is what happens when you no longer remember who you are, what you’ve done, where you live, and all of the other things that are so incredibly important to one’s identity. If you don’t know who you are then what is your identity? Do you have one? When you lose a part of yourself then your identity is forever altered. While the rest of the characters are trying so desperately to forget the pain of September 11th, the Alzheimers patients want desperately to remember everything – the good and the bad. The falling man, as mentioned in class, is a sort of post it note that is there to make everyone remember the tragedy while the patients don’t really have anything to bring back such memories.


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