Lest We Forget….

As I read Delillo, I have a lot to say about 9/11 and how it stripped away everything my generation and this country had going for it. Our ideology as a nation has completely changed from our outlook growing up in the nineties. For me personally, it’s like someone flipped a light switch. Growing up in the nineties was relaxed and easy going. I spent my early years in a poor inner city neighborhood while my parents returned to college for their masters degrees. In years since I moved out of that neighborhood, I’ve driven through several times and seen in degrade consistently every year since the events of 9/11. It seems that our national paranoia has consumed our logical response to an attack. Our nation doesn’t have any money anymore. In fact, were so broke we can’t even promise our college graduates jobs after graduation – a prospect which terrifies me as an english major. Money which was once spent on sponsoring educational programs and after school activities like sports teams and field trips, youth groups, and camps. That money is now spent on war and self protection policy. I think that if we as a people had reacted differently to a terrible situation, responded with resilience rather than fear – then perhaps circumstances would be much different today. Delillo talks a lot about forgetting things and remembering them such as the case with the alzheimer’s patients in contrast to the Falling Man. Even Keith, in returning to his apartment is overwhelmed by a forgetful nature that renders him virtually unable to leave a building in immediate danger of collapse. I disagree with Delillo on the importance of remembering. I think the fact that the nation has for so long dwelled on this tragedy is partly the reason we are unable to move forward. Novels like this one, from what I have gathered about it so far, strike me as a perpetuator of the stagnant situation our country is currently in. Just as it is important to sometimes remember, it is equally as important to move on – Delillo’s characters, and therefore, his audience, are unable to do exactly that.


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