Taking the “stress” off of Keith (for a moment)

This entire novel (so far) has really tugged at my somewhat strong heart strings. All of the memories of that day, 9/11, keep coming back to me. Remembering those towers and where they once stood weighs down my heart.  We all know that feeling; the feeling we felt on that day. Some of us may not remember much since we were so young, but we were still affected in the same way. It makes me a bit sad. However, as I continue to read each page, I can’t help but flip to the next one, and the next. Each piece of the puzzle is coming together as the story carries on.

As much as the main theme of 9/11 gets to me, I can’t help but also concentrate on the alzheimer patients. Each and everyone of them, and their descriptions on pages 30 and 31 really spoke to me. I found myself feeling more emotion toward them, rather than focusing on how Keith has been affected. I’m not sure if DeLillo meant to take the “stress” off of Keith’s character, but even if he didn’t, I still thought more about their characters at that particular time, and how Lianne handles them. As I dive more into this novel, I hope to grasp why these characters are so important and find out if DeLillo meant to take the attention from Keith, who was physically affected, and put it on Lianne and the patients, who were more emotionally connected to the day.


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