Falling Man

The expression of the Morandi paintings and that of the Falling Man were debated thoroughly during class today.

A fantastic point was made when the question came about: Is the expression of the “Falling Man” a form of art?  The answer to this question overall seemed to be no. The Falling Man was not acting out in an original or poetic manner.  His actions were simply to mimic the tragedy which took place on the day of 9/11.  His actions did not take art into consideration before putting politics first.  Or…Were the people of the city forcing their political beliefs on to the Falling Man’s expression?

Overall my belief is that the actions were to simply replicate those who fell or were forced to jump out of the buildings on that day.  It may not be art in the terms of putting art first, although it does bring out the recent issue.  This is important, the city was forced to face their fears as their eyes locked onto this man’s display throughout the city.


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