DeLillo’s Territory

Recently upon hearing a lesson on Don DeLillo, I’ve realized that Falling Man was just waiting to be written be DeLillo. Not only was this story meant to be told when it was told, but it was meant to be told specifically by this author. The cover of DeLillo’s 1997 Underworld showed a creepy prophetic glimpse of 9/11. The artwork contains a portrait of the towers and next to them in the distance one could spot a bird which could resemble an airplane if one is looking for it in mind. DeLillo’s other works such as Mao II are supposedly quite political and touch on the terrorist theme, perhaps more than Falling man itself although I cannot say so since I haven’t read the work. I think the reason these works have done so well is that they aren’t overly political. The subject matter is incredibly political, but the story of these works at heart really aren’t. The stories are about the people within them and how they react due to a set of given social circumstances which allows to reader to connect to the story. If the stories were only about the political events themselves, the readers just may as well read the news. So after already writing about the towers previously, and touching on terrorism, it only made sense that DeLilli be the man to write the novel everyone was waiting for.


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