Falling Man

DeLillo’s novel Falling Man was actually a pretty interesting book to read.  I love reading anything that has to do with 9/11 because that day has had quite an impact on my own life as well.  I like the structure of the story DeLillo tells because it’s not just random facts and occurrences that took place during 9/11, rather it is stories and reactions of characters he develops throughout his story to the event of 9/11.  This intrigued me quite a bit because I, too, had a pretty heavy reaction to the towers being attacked that day.

When I got home from school early, both my parents were watching the news when I walked in the house.  I sat down with them and I watched as every news station aired the attack and the footage they captured.  No later than five minutes after I sat down, my father received a phone call.  He was being deployed to Afghanistan with his Navy Seabee Unit and would be gone for 9 long months.  As you could imagine, absolutely anything and everything was racing through my head when I heard my father tell me.  So, DeLillo creating characters within this novel who progressively share their thoughts, feelings and reactions to the attack helped me to connect with the story on a deeper level.

I also liked the comparison to terrorism as art that we discussed in class as well.  I agree with what one of my classmates said about terrorism being the ugliest form of art, because as we see with the picture of the falling man, other men and women jumping out of the towers and the scenes of the planes crashing into these buildings makes you think.  It makes you wonder and critique what might’ve actually been going through those peoples minds during the time, why this event was taking place and for what reasons.  Art makes you question, makes you wonder and explore and I think that this specific act of terrorism does just that.


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