Roy Article

The more I read Roy’s article, Power Politics, the more I begin to wonder what the role a write really is.  Roy seems to question the role of the writer herself by stating in her article, “What is the role of writers and artists in society? Do they have a definable role?”  I truthfully don’t know how to answer that question in any means other than myself.  When I think of myself as a writer, I really don’t see me playing a specific role.  When I pick up a pen and begin to write, it is solely for enjoyment in doing so.  I mean sure, I would love to get paid to write someday, who wouldn’t like to get paid to do something they love?  However, I don’t feel that up to this point in my life that I have a specific role to fill as a writer.

This same belief of mine can be applied to other writers as well.  I don’t think that writers need to have a role when writing, however in terms of writing for the political, if writers choose to do so them by all means do it.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with writing an opinion or taking a stance on something specific within your writing, however I don’t feel as though it is required of the writer.  I believe that writing should take place for the love of doing it.  I believe that the best writing comes from within a writers passion to write whatever it is they choose to write about, whether or not is portrays political beliefs, opinions or stances.

Roy makes it seem like writers have a job to do by writing politically in order to send a message.  I disagree with this for the sake of writers writing whatever they choose to write and sending whatever message they would like to send.  Not all writers have to write the same and for the same “cause.”  I just feel that a writers best work is going to come from the heart through heartfelt writing that is done through the passion of the writer.


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