The White Tiger


One of the recurring themes that catches my attention in Adiga’s The White Tiger is the caste system.  When I think of caste system, I think of multiple levels in society that are differentiated by power in that society.  People in society are then categorized into whichever group they fit into and live their lives according to how their level of the caste system operates.  Balram, however, has come to label the caste system as two separate groups, the Big Bellies and the Small Bellies.

I like this label that Balram puts on the caste system a lot because it definitely shows how divided in power the caste system in India really is.  You have the small guys that basically have no leverage and the big guys who live off of power and stepping all over the little guys.  Balram tries to exploit the corruption within this system by labeling it with such a one sided perception.  Basically, Balram classifies this as your typical David vs. Goliath, however this Goliath seems to be a lot stronger than the biblical representation.

Adiga, Aravind. The White Tiger, A Novel. New York: Free Press, 2008. Print.


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