Hardships, siroccos and strife, battle scars

My attention was instantly grabbed when I reached page 23.  I started imagining myself listening to this man speaking to me rather than the narrator.  How would I react to this seemingly never ending dialog?

After Homebody puts down the guidebook she starts to think about how little the country of Afghanistan has.  The one thing she is sure of is that there is what seems to be a never ending cycle of terror.  She is attempting to put herself in the position of living in these circumstances and merely thinking about the attire she would be demanded to wear daily. This is until her conversation with the man behind the counter.  “What happened to your hand?”

“Look at my country, look at my Kabul, my city, what is left of my city? The streets are as bare as the mountains now, the buildings are as ragged as mountains and as bare and empty of life, there is no life here, only fear, we do not live in the buildings now, we live in terror in the cellars in the caves in the mountains, only God can save us now, only order can save us now, only God’s Law harsh and strictly administered can save us now”. (23)

This makes the audience of this story realize how none of the pain and suffering of these people can be understood by simply reading about it.  There is no way to comprehend the circumstances in which these people live in, unless you are thrown into the shoes (or lack there of) of these people yourself.

Kabul, Afganistan


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