Abstraction and Ambiquity…”this means something…”

There are all kinds of interesting allusions being made in Caryl Churchill’s play “Far Away”. Unfortunately they are too abstract for me to gain very much from them. The most I can gather about this play is that the people being grouped with

animals is a way of portraying a dehumanization of different creeds of people. “The cats have come in on the side of the French…It’s not as if they’re Moroccans and the ants…It’s not as if they’re Canadians, the Venezuelans and the mosquitos” (Churchill 29 and 30). The ambiguity of who are really the dangerous or bad people is what gives the audience a feeling of confusion and uneasiness. This forces us to question just how clear the lines of wrong and right concerning nationality and war really are.The other curious element of this play that seems important is the making of flamboyant hats for those who are sentenced to die by the masses. What does it mean that the hat sizes continue to grow and most of all become more and more colorful. What is the connection between the hats being made by certain people and then being worn by others as some designation of who will be dying?I feel like I need and afterward in this play to explain what it was about. If I need more than the play to give the play meaning then something is wrong. There should be some kind of internal meaning that is universal and understandable by the audience. Minimal can be powerful, but only if it is executed in a very effective way.

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