Disconnect In Action

The first thing that I noticed in this play is the feeling of isolation and disconnect between the characters. Right from the beginning of scene one, it seems as though Joan and Harper aren’t really talking to each other,  but rather at each other.

JOAN          I can’t sleep.

HARPER    It’s the strange bed.

JOAN         No, I like different places.

HARPER    Are you cold?

JOAN         No.

HARPER   Do you want a drink?

JOAN        I think I am cold.

(Churchill 3)

This conversation is just a short snippet of the play, but there does not appear to be any kind of emotional connection between the characters–especially odd considering Harper is Joan’s aunt. The above isn’t the only time in the play where there doesn’t appear to be any kind of emotional or human connection/bond formed between the characters–every scene has examples of disconnect embedded within them.

I really enjoyed reading this play, however, I’m not entirely sure what it means. I know there is something much, much bigger going on here with the strong political undertones, I just cannot grasp what it is. Aloofness seems to be one of the major themes of this play, which can also go along with the disconnect experienced within the scenes. While I was searching for a media clip/picture to enhance this post, I came across a trailer which was created for a college producing the play. The trailer below captures the exact feeling which I had while I was reading this play.

Far Away Trailer

The music in this video is also very creepy and fitting; the sound designer really knew what he or she was doing when he or she was choosing the music for the trailer and, if this is the music used in the show, the show as well.



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