I’m going to be honest like many others have so far in their blogging about this play. It slapped me in the face and left me with a bruise that I’ve never seen before. I can’t really say that I loved this play nor hated it. I also can’t say that I knew entirely what happened…but it keeps popping up in my mind and I think that’s the point. I think that it’s supposed to make the readers question its motives and meaning. So to make this short and to the point, I’ll piggy back off of another post made earlier by Wayne. He posted a video that immediately brought another to mind. So if you don’t mine, sit back, watch both, and tell me what you think. The correlation between the two may not be the clearest in the world, but both are incredibly politically charged and have strong similarities and parallells.


Both the video about Far Away and Another Brick in the Wall have an assembly is “prisoners” being walking in a single file line. Only in Floyde’s case it’s a commentary on the school system and other aspects of society. While the overall point may be different, both videos are similar. Another aspet that both videos share is that all “prisoners” have something on their heads that make them uniform. In “Far Away” the prisoners wear large hats. the meaning of this went over my head a bit, but it’s similar to the masks that the kids wear both on the train in the beginning of the music video and in the middle when they’re on the assembly line. In short, both pieces of at stress the fear that is put into those in society. In Far away’s case, fear is found in the immigrants, in the niece both in the beginning and the end, and assumably with the prisoners which are shown briefly. The Pink Floyde video brings up feelings of fear in the viewer by commenting on how strong the  influence of government could be and how far control can go without being recognized.



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