Reading through this blog is bringing back a lot of memories from my life as this was all happening in Riverbend’s life. A pretty self-centered teenager, I hadn’t paid too much attention to politics or the war. But I did know that my brother had been in Iraq and I was proud of him for serving his country, but something seemed sketchy about the fact that he and his fellow Marines were being sent miles upon miles away from here to a desert to protect our “freedom” (how exactly was our freedom, specifically, threatened? Our lives, perhaps, but freedom?). Years and years after 9/11, and still going at it. I was told that we were over there to help them set up a government, but how do tons of soldiers and guns from another country develop a government? Why couldn’t we let the Iraqis grow up and take care of themselves at some point?

Riverbend’s blog is helping to answer my old questions more specifically than “we were hypocritical, ignorant, and wrong.” I hadn’t been aware of all the terror we were enforcing on Iraq (or maybe I didn’t want want to be…). We were basically lied to by our leaders and ourselves. I can’t understand how people can be like that. To know that your words are killing thousands of innocent civilians, but refusing to back down for fear of admitting you were even a little wrong. To know that you are putting so many people out of work and onto the streets to starve just so you can have a fat income and I don’t even understand the whole purpose. As a human raised in decency, I can’t fathom how other humans are so very selfish as these all-too-real people in power in our lives. It seems corruption knows no bounds.

This blog also has me thinking about how countries run as a whole. How, if you run a country, you really can do anything you want with your nation. There’s nothing to stop you from allowing Locke’s Natural Rights or making rape and murder legal (except the obvious. I’m thinking more…ideological(?) terms). I rant and rave to my heart’s content on my (personal) blog, and that’s cool because I live in a free country where it’s all OK and legal. But in a world like Riverbend’s, I’d be too afraid to even make one post. I’d be convinced that the government would have ways to know where the posts were coming from. Riverbend is incredibly brave and strong; like every other political writer of an oppressed society.

Listening to her hatred of Bush, I wonder if she laughed if/when she heard about this:

I know I did…A little…


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