A War of Unnecessary Proportions

There was one reason in particular I enjoyed reading this blog. We finally got to hear the side of the story of someone from Iraq. Riverbend speaks a lot of the suffering she has endured through American retaliations. We see now that they have suffered just as much as we have. Riverbend had a great job that she absolutely loved (how many of us can say that?) and now she is being protected. Every part of her life has been effected by these attacks. We now see people who are suffering who do not deserve it.

For the past ten plus years we have been trained to hate Iraq. That is the way the media has influenced us, but I now see that is not always the case. America has retaliated ten fold. People are suffering in countless ways, we are actually not worse off than they are, we live our lives status quo, Riverbend’s has completely changed.

I feel that it is wrong for an entire country to suffer for what a few did. America is supposed to be such a democratic non-judgmental nation but here we are grouping up an entire country. Riverbend also makes a very valid point: “September 11 was a tragedy. Not because 3,000 Americans died… but because 3,00 humans died.” (Riverbend, 46). This is a highly agreeable statement and goes along well with what I have been saying, we do not have to identify as different nationalities, we can be compassionate without being spiteful. We did not have to take it as far as a war.

Riverbend. Baghdad burning: girl blog from Iraq. New York: Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 2005. Print.


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