Baghdad Burning Blogs

I have never really used a blog site before until this class, however I have grown accustomed to it by using other things like Facebook and Twitter, which generally serve the same purpose with a few differences here and there.  In the last class, my group discussed how this book was like Twitter in the fact that all of her blog entries are pretty short, most being probably no longer than 500 characters each.  As I continued to read more, I slowly became more and more amazed at how Riverbend could encapsulate so much power and emotion in such a small blog post.

Riverbend also is able to highlight a lot of what happens in Iraq in these small spurts of blog posts.  Writing in this fashion just made me want to know more every time I read the next blog post.  The one post that I really liked was The Prmoise and the Threat where Riverbend explained the “Myth” and the “Truth” about Iraq.  Most people, when it comes to Iraq think that it is just a grotesque, rundown war zone that is a home for terrorists. It’s really not, though.

When we search something on Iraq, we generally associate it with the war going on. This actually taints our knowledge and understanding of what real life actually looks like in Iraq.  I searched Iraq on google images and all that came up were photos of the war and american soldiers fighting all over the place.  I had to specify my search in order to retrieve pictures like the ones posted above of beautiful buildings and houses that Baghdad is actually made up of. I guess we really have created  myth that overshadows the truth.


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