Blogdad Burning

My first introduction to blogs was three or four years ago. I had known what they were but the idea sounded redundant to me because if you already had a Facebook, what can be put in a blog that couldn’t be posted on Facebook? But I could just be acting a bit curmudgeonly as I was one of people who never had a MySpace and was late to whole Facebook party. All of my prior experience to blogs and online profiles was composed of friends and people from my school whining creating a self-indulgent online persona. Eventually and inevitably especially in a 2.0 era, the idea of blogging became more and more popular, cooking blogs, fashion blogs, photograph blogs, etc. Blog’s are at a point of popularity that I’m sure there’s a blog for everything, and if there is an untapped blog niche, I’m sure it won’t be long until someone fills it. It’s been interesting to watch hobbyists become bloggers. I myself have recently taken to blogging,, there’s not point to it other than me posting things I thought were cool. Don’t ask me why, I only have like 6 followers and they’re all friends; I mean, they have to be, why else would they subject themselves to me thinking I’m cool?

But to bring this rant to some kind of purpose, reading Baghdad Burning has really opened my eyes to potential and beauty of things like blogs. Here is someone who is not only in an occupied country, making any kind of differing opinion(s) potentially life-threatening, Riverbend is a female increasing the danger level a hundred fold as women faced even worse oppression, walking down the street being all women-like could get a girl abducted, killed, or any number of undesirable fates. But yet, the blogosphere has provided a free, open space for her and an incredibly public forum to boot. Through blogs being open to the public and free to use, Riverbend has been able to create her own safe space not only for herself but others in a similar situation creating a sense of community and a place untouched by censors allowing her truth to spread.


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