Girl Blog From Iraq- Riverbend

One of the most interesting qualities of this author is the fact that she tries not to take the side of her country, but instead take the side of humanity.  She is able to point out the flaws in the American government and her own.

“September 11 was a tragedy.  Not because 3,000 Americans died…but because 3,000 humans died.” (Riverbend 46)

She is able to point out the fact that it should not be nation vs. nation.  Individuals should all look at matters in this way.  Rather than looking at another ethnicity as different we must care about all humanity.

“American long-term memory is exclusive to American traumas.  The rest of the world should simply ‘put the past behind,’ ‘move forward,’ ‘be pragmatic,’ and ‘get over it.'” (Riverbend 48)

In our minds as ignorant Americans, we envisioned that the “Iraqi people were dancing in the streets of Baghdad” (48) as the planes crashed into and led the Twin Towers to fall.  That is exactly what I would have predicted them to be doing.  Cheering for the success of the terrorist attacks on the United States.  This blog humanizes the Iraqi people for me.  I did know that it was not their fault for the attacks on the Twin Towers, although in the back of my mind I want to partially blame them.

“[I]t’s strange how horror obliterates ethnic differences–all faces look the same when they are witnessing the death of loved ones.” (48)


One thought on “Girl Blog From Iraq- Riverbend

  1. I agree with this post. I too had thoughts of “hating” the people as a whole in order to set blame to a specific group when the Towers went down. I feel as though we all do that no matter what the topic is sometimes. We has humans sometimes need someone or something to blame in something bad or immoral. Its easy to place the blame, especially in this kind of situation, because “we” as American’s don’t know “them” as Iraquis citizens. This blog does humanize the people that the blogger speaks about, greatly in trauamatic times, but still, there is “the other” content that some people may be too ignorant to realize

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