I want to start this discussion off with a comment about the introduction of the book begin inning on page 1. It becomes clear throughout reading this book, that the points of view expressed by the author or uniquely not American, and sometimes, not even political. I admire the author for her independent voice – which can maybe be attributed to the way in which we as Americans single her out as a foreign woman. We as Americans, in publishing this book, take some sort of meaning away from her reason for writing this blog in the first place. However, to get back to page 1; I find it wrong that the publishers chose to paint an American nationalist POV – putting everything this girl has to say – into a warped context; one we associate with war and politics. Her comments are about a way of life for her and her people; and how this idea has been continually lost throughout especially most recent decades.

“The Irony is hearing about the “War on Terrorism” on CNN and then tuning in to the CPA channel to see the Al-Da’awa people sitting there, polished and suited, Puppet Knights of the Round Table” (notice her reference to the Round table; her people have become completely westernized through their idea of politics) “To see Al-Jaffari, you almost forget that they had a reputation for terrorism over the decades.” (123).

This is very interesting to me; the concept of western politics and war has changed a bunch of so called terrorists into politicians – and changed all sorts of dynamics (note Al-Queda wasn’t in Iraq until the U.S entered that country). So then, lets take a look at images from this region – starting with the politicians, so that we may perhaps see the clash in ideology promoted by western interests.


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