Saturday, November 22, 2003.

I have really started to enjoy Baghadad Burning because I am learning about events that I never actually thought about before. These attacks and tradgic events were kept from me in my little bubble at home. After reading this, I am learning a lot about different operations that the U.S. goverenment planned, and have been taking the time to research more in order to give this blog it’s full respect.

One post that is an example of this is that of Saturday, November 22, 2003. Our blogger caught my attention with on title, “Donkeys and Guerillas…”  I was curious as to what “The Onion” was.  I researched and found that it is “America’s Finest News Source.” I’ve never heard of it before. Here’s the link to their website.    I see that this source covers all types of news whether it’s about television shows to the debates taking place now.  It seems like a pretty reliable source…

Another part that I researched in this blog is “Operation Iron Hammer.”  I think I heard of this in passing, but i honestly didn’t know what it was, so taking the time to reasearch what our blogger was disucssing seemed valid. Ultimately, it was a movement to stop anit-coalitionist that was inforced by U.S. troops.

I have to say, I feel quite out of the loop after reading this. My analysis is that she is using all of these terms to make people take the time out of their day to research what the heck is going on in her world. It’s as though she wanted to make sure that the people who read her words would also find a way to get involved and realize what is/was going on down by the river she wrote at. It sure worked for me.

This video from John Stewart’s show seem a bit interesting to me. He’s using humor during this time… Which seems odd to me.




(and now, after Victoria’s comment, my whole post seems wrong…)


2 thoughts on “Saturday, November 22, 2003.

  1. Not all wrong. Just do a closer reading of what Riverbend was trying to achieve by discussing donkeys in the manner that she does, which takes a satirical stab at how Western media makes conclusions. Develop your readings more. It makes sense that you would close your post by linking to Jon Stewart. He also satirizes news media, and makes some biting political analysis at the same time.

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