Hauntings of Heroes of War: And No One Wins

Brian Turner in his book of poems, Phantom Noise, gives readers a chance to experience the PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).   Through my work, I hear a lot about war stories, so when I saw the title “VA Confessional” I knew it was going to be a war-torn story of what it is like to occupy another country.   The poem did not disappoint.    The very next poem, “At Lowes Home Improvement Center”, launched right into a PTSD episode.  The poem was laid out so vividly, I felt like I was watching a music video.  Brian Turner’s voice is amazing in this collection of stories.  There is one video that I kept thinking of when I read some of these poems.

The poems through out the book were varied.  Some of the poems lulled me into a false sense of security until the military vernacular began to sneak out from between the lines, like soldiers. It gave me the feeling that I was suffering PTSD to a lesser degree in the extreme as I was always looking over my shoulder for that dark tide of feeling to wash over me and drown my sensibilities away in the awful power of the memories of war. I found this feeling the most in “Chinese Ink Brush Painting”.

When I separate myself from the power of the words that Brian Turner put in his poetry, I find that I am on the other side of Burning Bagdhad.  I am no longer listening to a survivor and a victim. I am listening to a perpetrator…who is also a victim.  Reading these poems makes me remember all the stories I have heard from friends who come home and realize that they have lost in this war too. Coming home as a hero means that you are a hero to some, and a killer to others.  People will love you (but not really love YOU), and people will hate you (and they will really hate YOU) becuase you hefted a gun at the orders of others.  The one resounding message that both Burning Baghdad and Phantom Noises gives is that no one wins in war.

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