“I’m Hoping That We Can Learn…”

Brian Turner’s collection has truly awakened me to a different side of “writing the political”. His words have formed a different image of war in my mind. I was always use to reading war novels and the story of the “hero” or adventurer in a time of war. Instead of the classic telling of war, Turner actually brings us in and out of his journey with the use of poetry. In the interview on YouTube of Turner, he says, “I’m hoping that we can learn from what we’ve done so we don’t repeat ourselves.”  The way he speaks, so genuine and peaceful. Watching him speak is just amazing. Thinking of a soldier speaking, you would never imagine such a peaceful and calm tone that Turner possesses. I think Turner’s quote is something that we all think about in our lifetimes. Life is about moving forward but keeping the past with you so not to repeat ones’ same mistakes. I believe in that, and Turner’s work reflects that, which is inspiring.  His poem “Wading Out” (pg 47 in our collection) is definitely one example of this. It seems as though Turner is fighting an endless battle. His narration seems as though he can’t picture what life like after this experience, until the last few lines, however, where there is a shimmer of hope, and that hope is what he’s all about. He hopes that we can hold on to the past, however hard and terrible it was, in order to protect us from that very same instance in the future.



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