The Graphic Choice

I’ve always loved graphic novels ever since I was a nerdy little high schooler who couldn’t wait for the newest adaptation of a Frank Miller tale. V for Vendetta, Sin city, 300 and many others became quite popular among the media. My favorite of those is V for Vendetta which tackles a lot of political issues within England and makes some very, very bold statements about where the country is heading. I use V for Vendetta as an explanation as to why Satrapi decided to tell this story in graphic novel form. These stories are easy to compare because honestly as a writer I can see the act of writing these stories out in strict novel form being an incredibly challenging and long winded task. Being able to show characters’ emotions through an image simple saves space and can be more effective in certain situation-both novels containing such situations.
While illustrating the novel definitely helped tell the story in a unique way, the perspective definitely served as the most important part of the story. Satrapi’s choice to tell this story through the eyes of a little girl makes her ignorance and lack of knowledge understandable, and offers the reader a chance to learn about her country and the conflict within it with her. This is probably my favorite text in the class syllabus and I think it’s because it offers a much more in depth learning curve which is both education but most importantly entertaining at the same time.


One thought on “The Graphic Choice

  1. Although I myself found this graphic text entertaining, after discussion today, I am left wondering if this autobiography could have had more impact written as a play. The pictures show a scene but I think that there could be more emotion shown through the words being spoken out loud and the changes of facial expressions.

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